Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG), just announced the formation of an Executive Management Board comprised of key leaders from across UMG’s multiple business units and territories, and the reorganization of its international division into regionally focused hubs. Under this new structure, UMG will accelerate its ability to break artists on a global basis, by empowering its regional teams to rapidly deploy greater resources towards developing artists, regardless of the country in which the artist is based or to what UMG label they are signed. The U.S. label groups, which function as distinct operating units reporting directly to Grainge, will now have the ability to leverage the strength of the new regional hub structure outside the U.S. to more effectively market and develop their artists on a global scale.
Universal Music Group logo1As part of the initiative, Andrew Kronfeld has been promoted to EVPt, Marketing for UMG and will be based at the company’s Santa Monica headquarters. Kronfeld previously served as President of Global Marketing for UMG’s international division in London. Michele Anthony, EVP of UMG, adds oversight of the Company’s Canadian operations led by Universal Music Canada President & CEO Jeffrey Remedios and the Company’s U.S. catalog division led by Universal Music Enterprises President & CEO Bruce Resnikoff. UMG EVP/CFO Boyd Muir adds oversight of Bravado, UMG’s global merchandising company led by Tom Bennett, and Eagle Rock, the UK-based producer and distributor of music programming led by Terry Shand. Jeffrey Harleston, General Counsel and EVP of Business & Legal Affairs for North America, expands his purview to include UMG’s worldwide operations. Grainge also announced the appointment of Michael Nash as EVP, Digital Strategy, to oversee UMG’s digital business development activities around the world. Nash reports to Grainge and serve as a member of the Executive Management Board.

Lucian Grainge1

Lucian Grainge

Here is the entire Executive Management Board, which will be chaired by Grainge, (in alphabetical order): Michele Anthony, EVP, UMG; Frank Briegmann, President & CEO, Central Europe & Deutsche Grammophon; Jody Gerson, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group; Jeffrey Harleston, General Counsel and EVP of Business & Legal Affairs, UMG; David Joseph, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music UK & Ireland; Andrew Kronfeld, EVP, Marketing, UMG; Boyd Muir, EVP and CFO, UMG; Michael Nash, EVP, Digital Strategy, UMG; Pascal Nègre, CEO of Universal Music France and President of Italy, Middle East and Africa and Will Tanous, EVP, Communications, UMG.