Four-time Grammy winning producer/songwriter Bobby Ross Avila is no stranger to the police flaunting their authority. He was once falsely accused of burglary and locked up as a felon with a $70K bond. Even upon providing evidence of his innocence the authorities were loath to release him. With technology exposing more and more cases where excessive force is used and the ‘thin blue line’ closes ranks in order to protect their own, Bobby felt the need to express his frustration using his god given talent; music.  Teaming with the infamous King Tech and noted social justice rapper, Jasiri X, Bobby RossBobby finally had the perfect opportunity to record on a piano track he’d produced and has been playing his entire life. The result is “No Apology”, a haunting track full of live instrumentation with Bobby himself playing both the piano and harmonica.  Emcee and community activist, Jasiri X, known for using hip hop to provide social commentary and, as he puts it, ‘freeing minds one rhyme at a time’ was the perfect vocal candidate to complete Bobby’s vision. Here he brings his own personal experience with police brutality growing up in the streets of Chicago to life. The result is a song that lives on in the brain long after the music has stopped playing.

No Apology“No Apology” which premiered on is the first single from Bobby’s upcoming EP, “BEATS, RIOTS & LIVES.” Though there has been a hiatus from Mr. Avila the artist, the gifted musician had this to say of his return, “If I can be responsible for creating timeless music for the likes of Usher, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Mary J. Blige, Anthony Hamilton, Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan and many more alongside my incredible sonic architect brother IZ, and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis then my time on hiatus as Bobby Ross Avila the artist is OVER! This Latino from The I.E. is back and ”Beats, Riots & Lives” is just a hello to you all….you haven’t seen anything yet!”

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