Renee Neufville of Zhane “Watching Me”

Get ready UAC for the return of Zhane!
Renee Neufville of Zhane delivers “Watching Me”
Play it now and see the reaction!

Renee of Zhane

Renee Neufville of Zhane “Watching Me”

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One Response

  1. Terry Bello Burton

    Welcome to RnBSoul “Watching Me” is a Classic in the Making, From the
    Soulful R&B duo Zhane to The RH Factor singer and musician Renee
    Neufville is back with new music fire that speaks to a worldwide
    audience in a way that nourishes the roots of our culture and art, good
    music doesn’t lie. ‘Watching Me” is a soulful timeless classic in the
    making that keeps offering the Good vibes of the 90s to present day.
    There’s nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it. Feel-good
    music is back, say hello to RnB-Soul!

    Terry Bello
    On Air Personality @ Radio 103.9 New York
    The Soul Lounge Syndicated Host
    former Billboard Music Director of the Year