PALM’s starting line-up featured a Virginia based rapper/singer by the name of D.R.A.M. We put you on to his smash hit “Cha Cha,” which is played at parties everywhere now. “Cha Cha” appeared on his debut project #1EpicSummer which dropped in late 2014. It’s been about a year since then, and D.R.A.M.’s career has taken off on a steady path. Aligning himself with the likes of Chance the Rapper and others, you can see the direction in which he’s going.

On October 23rd, D.R.A.M. released a mixtape entitled GahDamn! The nine song project featured Top Dawg Entertainment’s SZA and Donnie Trumpet of The Social Experiment. As a whole the sound of it was playful but a bit slow and mellow. I personally wanted to see D.R.A.M. do more uptempo tracks rather than go for a dark and moody sound like he did on “Wit The Sh*ts.” I did enjoy the closing track “Okden,” where he talks about coming from Hampton, VA and where his career is going as of now. Other than that, “Signals (Throw it Around)” was dope and “Caretaker” featuring SZA had a chill Neo-Soul vibe similar to a record that Drake and Rihanna might make together.

To be honest I expected a little more out of this mixtape. Given the buzz around D.R.A.M. I felt like GahDamn! was going to be more on the level of A Kid Named Cudi. There’s a lot of room for improvement and he’s just going to have to figure out what works for him. 2.5/5 Palms for D.R.A.M.’s GahDamn!



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