Let me set the record straight. At first I wasn’t going to review this project. What a Time to Be Alive is probably the most hypebeast album to come out this fall. Drake is the biggest rapper out right now, and Future is trap turned pop. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some of Drake’s music. Take Care is in my top 25 albums, although since its 2012 release, I haven’t heard anything from him as good. I do enjoy Future’s trap bangers like “At the Same Time” and “Ain’t No Way Around It.” When this project dropped, I knew I had to give it a listen. I mean, both these guys together, how bad could it be?

Lyrically don’t expect anything spectacular on here, but you already knew that. The best songs would have to be “Big Rings” and “Jumpman.” The bulk of the production is handled by Metro Boomin, who has worked on many songs for Future, along with iLoveMakonnen and Wiz Khalifa. Although Metro is someone I consider as a strong producer, these beats become a bit redundant quickly. The rest of the record tends to pretty much sound the same. The chorus on “Change Locations” is semi-annoying to be quite honest. The songs don’t have a lot else to offer.

Overall, What a Time to Be Alive was underwhelming as a whole. 2/5 Palms.


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