Here at PALM, we’ve shown nothing but love for bay area emcees. I’ll be the first to call Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina pioneers of the game and the bay hip-hop movement. In March, PALM had the chance to chop it up with Ramirez from San Francisco. Just a few months later, look where his career is! He’s on the road with $uicideBoy$ and Pouya and growing a huge following. We hope the same for Mr. Loc Fo Real, an East Palo Alto based emcee who is ready to take the game by storm. We caught up with him to chat about the bay area hip-hop, his upcoming EP, and his influences.


DF: When I first heard your music, somebody who really came into mind style wise was Mac 10. You’ve opened for Westside Connection before, tell me how that was as an experience.

MLFR: I’ll tell you man, it was a great experience. I didn’t really get a chance to chop it up with the fellas, at the time I was in a group performing up in Reno. I think it was a cool experience, I had never got to perform in front of so many people.

DF: That’s really dope, speaking of that can you tell me who are your influences?

MLFR: I got a lot of influences man! I mean everybody from Eric B. and Rakim to N.W.A. I like 50 (cent), I like the Game. Some of the new artsits like Kendrick Lamar too he’s dope.

DF: Everybody wants to know, do you have a project on the way?

MLFR: The EP is on the way. We’re looking at like March or April at the latest. It’s going to be called The Product. It’s all about the music.

DF: What can we expect from The Product? Like who’s going to be on it? What producers are you working with?

MLFR: I think the people are gonna see how well rounded of an artist I am. A lot of styles of hip-hop are going to be on there. As far as features I have a singer by the name of Maya Victoria. She’s actually signed to my label Stay Focused Music, the world is gonna be introduced to her and it’s gonna be hot. As far as producstion, my manager, I’m working with a producer right now, I don’t wanna drop his name, but he’s worked with Chris Brown and Brittany Spears.

DF: That interesting, he’s worked with some big names. It’s kinda interesting that you’re hip-hop but you’re working with a pop guy.

MLFR: I’ll tell you man, he’s not pop. He’s actually a jack of all trades. He even does country. This brother is from Kansas City, but his first and formost style of music is hip-hop. When the masses come I think everybody will be pleased with that.

DF: Back to what we came in on in the beginning of our conversation. People may not know, what’s the difference between SoCal hip-hop and bay area hip-hop.

MLFR: You know what man, for years people have asked that question, and I don’t know if I can really answer it. For me personally I don’t really see it as too much of a difference. I listen to everything and my style is different from most artist that people are accustomed to hearing. It’s overall West Coast flavor whether it be northern Cali or southern Cali. And as the difference in hip-hop from the north and the south, because of where we are our lifestyles are similar but also a little different too. I know the bay is trunk music, slappin in your trunk. The hyphy movement was cool, but I think that was a bit of a fad. Not to criticize anybody’s movement or anything but you know I look at myself trying to be more well rounded and more versetile.

DF: Now I gotta ask you this, who is the girl singing on Bay Anthem! She is so bad!

MLFR: (laughs) Jimmie Reign is the signer. She’s from Oakland, CA. She’s done some other projects locally in the bay. She actually converted to singing gospel music now. She’s on a different path, she’s a very beautiful and very talented young lady.

DF: Where can people check your music out?

MLFR: We got the website. Go to Mr. Loc Fo We got the links on there, you can check out the video on YouTube and other outlets as well. We have hard copies on amazon too. I’ve been added on to 18 different music outlets. I also got some play on television from KCRT, which comes on up here in the bay. It comes on in San Francisco and Oakland. It also is spreading to Chicago and Detroit as well as some other places. It’s moving right along and I’m working on putting together some show dates.

DF: That’s what I’m talking about, get that hustle on! Last but not least Mr. Loc Fo Real, anything else you want the people to know about you?

MLFR: Man just wanna let em know, just expect consistency and good music. Bay Anthem EP is out, go get it. It’s got two singles on there, “Bay Anthem” and I got a club joint on there called “Tear the Club Up.” I’m number one right now on Reverb Nation in the bay. So I’m doing well nationally as well as internationally. Me and my team are just looking to steady improve.

Watch the video for “G Talk.”

Watch the video for “Bay Anthem”

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