There are few times when watching a live performance that you realize to yourself that you’re watching history in the making. On Friday December 4th, $uicideBoy$, Black Smurf, Ramirez, JGRXXN (pronouced Jay Green), and special guests Pouya and Fat Nick made their L.A. stop of the GreyScale Tour downtown at Premos. I had previously seen the Buffet Boys (Pouya and Fat Nick) at the El Rey Theater in the summer on the South Side Slugs Tour. That was a dope show with lots of energy, but last Friday’s performance was a little more personal to me. $uicideBoy$ and Ramirez are both what we call original PALM artists. When I spoke to Ramirez back in March, I could tell the kid had a lot of talent and was definitely going somewhere. To see these guys perform live together on one stage was a very touching experience. The packed Downtown L.A. warehouse was filled with energy as seven or so artists all shared the stage together. The songs were all mixed in, so no one rapper had his own individual set. Although the music took extended pauses from time to time, this show was without a doubt something to see. They performed plenty of songs that I knew which was the icing on the cake to an awesome show. It’s safe to say that G*59 Records (the brainchild of $uicideBoy$ and also home to Ramirez) is the next crew to look out for.






Pouya, Ruby Da Cherry, and Ramirez

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