In late August of this year we turned you on to a Houston based R&B collective known as Milky Wayv. Out of the 11-member crew, there was one girl who truly stuck out in an “Unforgettable” way. Peyton, who appeared on the song “Verbs” off Milky Wayv’s Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard just dropped a Free EP which is avaliable on soundcloud. The seven track project is entitled Roller Coaster. As we said before, if you’re a fan of Odd Future’s The Internet, Peyton is an artist you’ll want to gravitate to. I’ve had this EP on repeat in my car for the past few days and have been anxious to share it with others. Her mix of R&B vocals over chill electronic beats is truely one of a kind. The majority of Roller Coaster‘s production is handled by Bobby Earth, the in house producer for Milky Wayv. If I had to pick a song to be my favorite it would be “Tell Me” featuring Steve Lacy. Any fan of neo-soul should be listening to Peyton’s Roller Coaster. PALM is proud to welcome Milky Wayv to the family and we hope they are here to stay!


Listen to Roller Coaster here:



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