Donnie Simpson3

Many refer to Donnie Simpson’s return to the airwaves of Washington, DC at Radio One’s WMMJ as DC’s event of the year. Never one to disappoint, Donnie is not resting on his laurels this remainder of the holiday season, he’s hosting a new year’s eve gala but an event branded as “the art of celebration.” The place to ring in the new year features three distinct rooms of entertainment with the classic Donnie’s VIP Room. One New Year’s Eve let’s assume, what happens in DC, stays in D.C. According to Simpson reps, this is the first in a series of monthly events he will host with a focus on spotlighting true R&B much like Simpson brought into millions of homes each day on Video Soul. Can we expect the same on his forthcoming TV One program? After a consistent menu of the nay-nay with a side of stanky leg, let the answer to that question be a resounding yes!

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