Barry Benson, owner and founder of Stratus Digital Music Marketing shares why digital marketing is essential for artists and independent record labels.

“In today’s recording business,  independent artists need a platform that will expose them to an audience that is increasingly listening to music online and on their phones– more than ever before. Stratus Digital Music is the conduit between the artist and these digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. We leverage our relationships to expose the independent artist to these digital platforms via digital marketing, digital sales and online PR execution.” Here’s a snapshot of what we can do for you:

Stratus Digital Music Marketing

Digital Marketing Programs 

Pandora Programs Pandora Premieres (Album listening party pre-street date on Pandora) Pandora Whiteboard Sessions The “Whiteboard” is a common area in Pandora’s office where we host intimate, unplugged performances.  Picture a 20” wide whiteboard featuring a one-of-a-kind artist logo done by Pandora’s design team… casually surrounded by Pandora staff gathered on the floor, on couches and bean bag style chairs. Sets are usually around 15 minutes, or 3-4 songs. Pandora’s audio team will set up microphones to archive the performance along with several hand held cameras. You can see previous performances at During the visit, one of the music analysts will guide you through an “under the hood” look inside the Music Genome Project and how music is analyzed on up to 450 different musicological genes. We will also show you some very interesting data on how your music is trending on Pandora – station adds, thumbs up, largest demographic, most loved songs, heat maps on where you’re spinning the most and where in the US people are creating stations.

Spotify Spotify has a program that allows artists to create 19 song playlists which we pitch to the Spotify  Curation team to post and feature. These playlists are seen and shared by over 100,000 users per week.

Radio One Station Website Takeover Radio One/Interactive One Station Website Takeover- Stratus has access to the #1 Urban Radio Station chain, Radio One. We can pitch a station website takeover for your video by having it posted across 15 Station sites with traffic that exceeds over 1.5 million monthly views.

Posting Examples: