With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s time for your ears to fall in love with electro-R&B singer songwriter Baegod. Baegod, aka Maryann hails from Sacramento, CA. It’s her unique aesthetic which makes her an artist who PALM considers a valuable addition to the club. Whether she uses raw vocals or auto-tune, you’ll love her sound especially on the song “You and Me.” She has some incredibly trippy visuals on the video “Love Trap.” One of her best tracks is her 2012 “Your Ways.” Baegod is similar to Tinashe in more ways than others, but is without a doubt an original artist on her own. Baegod has two mixtapes on soundcloud, Bedroom Trap’n Vol. 1: Vampin and This is What the Moon Sounds Like which are exclusively produced by Sbvce. We hope to stay in contact with Baegod in the future!

Watch the video for “Your Ways”

Watch the video for “Love Trap”

Watch the video for “You and Me”


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