At first glance at PALM’s tumblr ( you’ll see that I am a huge fan of 90s retro gaming. So when Houston rapper Le$ dropped his Sega Dreamcast inspired mixtape Dreamcast, I was sure to give it a listen. Prior to checking out this project on soundcloud, there were only a couple verses from Le$ I’d heard before. I was first introduced to him through his summertime banger “Doin My Thang” featuring Mac Miller, Slim Thug, and Dom Kennedy.

As a member of Curren$y’s Jet Life, Le$ shares the same type of adlibs Spitta is already known for. Although hailing from Houston, Le$ has a flow very reminiscent of an early-2000s era west coast emcee. Which goes hand in hand with the fact that the mixtape is inspired by Sega’s final console, the Dreamcast which was very popular during that time. Each song on this mixtape is named after a popular Dreamcast game. It just so happens that my favorite track is “Crazy Taxi” which is also an outstanding title for the Dreamcast and arcade. Other dope songs include “GTA 2,” “Soul Calibur,” “Skies of Arcadia” and “Hydro Thunder.” Ironically, one of the best tracks on the mixtape is named after perhaps Dreamcast’s most popular game: Sonic Adventure.

To spite lacking features and producer credits, Dreamcast is a very solid mixtape. It gave me a chance to hear what Le$ is capable of lyrically. I’m looking forward to hearing more projects from him in the future. Le$ scores 3.5/5 palms on Dreamcast.

PALM’s favorite Dreamcast games (not in order):

1. Sonic Adventure

2. Power Stone 2

3. Looney Tunes Space Race

4. Crazy Taxi 2

5. Pen Pen Triathlon


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