By now you probably know that New Orleans’ duo $uicideBoy$ is taking the underground by storm. For someone new to their sound, this new mixtape Dark Side of the Clouds is a great start. From beginning to end I enjoyed this mixtape. Ruby da Cherry and Scarecrow come with a lot of energy on the opening track “Paper Bag Mask.” I enjoyed the sample of Denzel Curry’s “Threatz” on the next track “Cherry P.I.E.” Dark Side of the Clouds has appearances from Buffet Boys members Germ and Fat Nick along with Seshollowaterboyz’ Eddy Baker. Additionally, $uicideBoy$ tour mates and frequent collaborators JGRXXN (pronounced Jay Green), Black Smurf, and label mate Ramirez hop on the tour anthem “Greyscale.” The song “Golden Calf” featuring Eddy Baker and Fat Nick is definitely a banger. “Antarctica” which is the grand finale of this mixtape is perhaps the best song, and has a beautiful sample of “I Remember” by Deadmau5 and Kaskade.

From the eccentric samples to $uicideBoy$ signature trippy vocals, this mixtape hits the spot. $uicideBoy$ score a perfect 5/5 palms on Dark Side of the Clouds.


Watch the video for “Antarctica”

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