As we divulge into the underground it just seems like one crew just blows up and spawns the next one. From Raider Klan, came Seshollowaterboyz, who are share the same fans as Buffet Boys and G*59 Records, who are aligned with another crew who go by the name of Schemaposse. Now a couple members of Schemaposse have been following PALM on twitter for quite some time now. But it wasn’t until very recently that I heard some dope songs from one member, Lil Peep.

Lil Peep is without a doubt the next post-Chill Wave/Cloud Rap artist to look out for you. If you’re into weird white rappers with that trill aesthetic and harmonizing vocals (i.e. Bones, Post Malone, $uicideBoy$), look no further. At  just five songs, Lil Peep’s California Girls EP is perfect to cruise around the neighborhood to. The project is dope from start to finish, but I want to especially highlight the anthem “Beamerboy,” which was the first track I heard from Lil Peep.

Now it’s unclear where Lil Peep hails from, although it is rumored he stays somewhere here in Pasadena, CA. We’ll probably find out the truth on an upcoming No Jumper podcast.

Watch the video for “Beamerboy”

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