Vanity, a former protege of Prince’s and a member of Vanity 6, has died at age 57, TMZ reports.
According to the website, the singer — born Denise Katrina Matthews — had long suffered from kidney failure and recently battled abdominal illness.
Matthews died in a Fremont, California, hospital on Monday, according to TMZ. Last year the singer put up a GoFundMe page, stating that she was diagnosed with an inflammation of the small intestines called sclerosis encapsulating peritonitis.
Born in Canada, Matthews initially focused on modeling. Moving on to music, she sang lead for Vanity 6 from 1981 until 1983, during which time the group scored the hit “Nasty Girl.” Her music career also encompassed two solo albums, along with the hits “Pretty Mess” and “Under the Influence.”



“I just cannot believe Vanity is gone.  She was such a vibrant human being.  Working with her on “Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon,” I found her to be a talented natural beauty, inside and out.  It was an incredible experience.  I will miss her.”


Founder, Motown

February 16, 2016