While you all are patiently waiting on the Kat Majilla interview, during our conversation last week we discussed about an artist who she collaborated with on her Naked Bliss mixtape. California based singer/rapper Jay Yung, is a soulful talent who you should definitely check out. After hearing a handful of tracks on soundcloud, I knew I had found something unique. Start by listening to Jay Yung’s tracks with Gel Camino “Soul to Take” and “Feels So Right” featuring Juliana and Andrea Chahayed, which has a lovely sample of King Krule’s “Border Line.” Other dope tracks from Jay Yung are “Mila Pt. 2” featuring past PALMer MoThoro, “Georgia” featuring Aaron Goldberg, and “Young Leo” featuring Sophia Stewart. I’m excited for anything full length coming from Jay Yung.

Watch the video for “Georgia”


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