Our boy Adam 22 of No Jumper beat us for the breaking of Fifth-ward Houston emcee Craig Xen (but it’s all good, shout out to the No Jumper Podcast). The 24 year old rapper has been skyrocketing out of the underground and has aligned himself with other independent southern rap sensations like Pouya and Xavier Wulf. Craig Xen’s sound is a hard hitting trap flavored fire, similar to that of Waka Flocka Flame. “Untamed” and “Bare Flesh” are two of his hardest tracks, but he has a catalog of mixtapes including his latest release Waist Deep. To spite the lack of music videos, Craig Xen has climbed to the forefront of the underground scene and will continue to take off.

Check Craig Xen on soundcloud:

pretty awesome lit music

Instagram: PrettyAwesomeLitMusic

Twitter: @PALM_UrbanBuzz