charlie wilsonA standing room only performance by Grammy® Nominated Legend Charlie Wilson at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s recent “Get Out The Vote Rally” in Charleston, South Carolina, may well have changed the face of all political campaigns as we know them (and secured a well-deserved spot on the Clinton inaugural talent roster for Uncle Charlie).


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Clinton appeared happy to be on stage with the original lead singer of the Gap Band as he “put it down” (as usual) which clearly helped to Clinton’s victory in capturing 84% of the African-American vote in last Saturday’s state primary.

In the middle of the Gap Band classic “Outstanding” backed by chants of “Go Hillary! Go Hillary!” Uncle Charlie encouraged Clinton to join him in some dance moves as she gave up the obligatory thumbs up followed by a wave and a “let me try to catch this head nod!” We give her an “A” for effort and claim she’s a much better politician than a dancer, which is not a requirement to be President. (Neither Obama nor any Bush ever mastered the running man or the nay-nay!)


Uncle Charlie adds “I was honored to find out that Hillary Clinton was a fan of me and my music. What she didn’t know was that I was a fan of hers as well.  So when I was invited to perform at a ‘Get Out The Vote’ rally in Charleston, South Carolina by her campaign, of course I said yes.  After my performance I was given the opportunity to introduce who I hope will be the next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, to her many supporters.  Standing next to her on stage was an incredible experience.  While we were on stage together she invited me to visit the White House and I said I’d be thrilled to once we vote her in.”

This upcoming election is another “vote or die” situation and if events such as this can motivate people of any age to exercise their right to vote, how can anybody not be “down with it!”

Photo by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America