Radio One/Detroit has hired Bobby Holiday for Production Director duties. “This is beyond an honor and privilege. I get to go to work every day and work with awesome people like Nate Bell (OM), Kathy Stinehour (GM), Wendy Cyrus-Herndon (Marketing Dir.) and the entire staff of WDMK (105.7 KISS), WHTD (HOT 107.5), WPZR (PRAISE 102.7) and WCHB (News Talk AM1200 & 99.9 FM). A big thank you to both Jay Stevens (SVP/Programming) and Colby Colb (VP/Programming) for believing in my talents and abilities. Lastly, a special shoutout to Richard Pugue, Reggie Coleman, Mitch Faulkner and Rick Party. Four brothas whose production abilities I have listened to throughout my career. Their big time talents gave me the confidence and inspiration to make every piece of production sound bigger than life.”