internetradioThe so-called new frontier of radio is here to stay. Each week, new information is released and this week’s is a “pearl clutcher!”

Edison Research recently released information that may well have internet broadcasters “dabbing” to “Work” by Rihanna!. The information is heralded as landmark in the evolution of streaming audio in that, half of Americans 12 years and older listened to online radio in the past week. That percentage is up from 44% last year and equates to an estimated 136 million persons.

The leap to 50% weekly listening represents a 13.6% lift from a year ago when Edison’s survey resulted in a 22% weekly audience growth. 2011 also saw a surge from 2010, as the weekly online radio listenership grew by 32%, possibly as a result of Spotify’s domestic launch.

radio_vs_internet“Online radio” is defined to include AM/FM radio station webcasts, and Internet-only audio listening such as Pandora or Spotify.

This information is substantiated by a survey of consumer media habits and behaviors associated with digital and offline media in the United States dating back to 1998. Statistics on consumer media usage in include digital audio, social media, mobile media consumption, and podcasting.

What do you see for the future of internet radio?  I see COINS that will garner the attention of commercial radio!!!