The last few years have become a glowing report card for online radio listening. Monthly listening to any online radio, be it pure play or simulcast of broadcast radio has crossed the 50% threshold last year. This year, the weekly number hit 50% giving monthly-to-weekly listening an incredible 88% conversion rate. Online listening is clearly a habit, according to the Infinite Dial study on consumer adoption of digital media.

With that said, a few things are apparently clear. First and foremost, the number of users of online radio has gone from 95 million to 119 million to 136 million over the last two years. Secondly, music on demand now equals instant gratification meaning the ability to “Type A Song, Hear A Song,” henceforth TAS/HAS is especially present with younger demos. Third, internet radio ad revenue has seen a marked increase with major players such as Home Depot quickly understanding the value of internet advertising on more than a commercial radio station website matters to their bottom line.

internet-radio-economicsIt’s also worth pointing out that time spent listening to the streams of AM/FM radio stations does factor into the overall numbers. Commercial broadcasters must recognize that they can improve the streaming experience by building brands that could raise both internet radio’s overall usage and their own in what has swiftly become the next competitive landscape for that almighty ad dollar.

Let’s not get left sitting at the bus stop on this exploding radio reality…….this revolution has already been televised and the bus will go express and pass you by quicker than Boyz II Men can sing the song!!

Major props to Sean “Hot Sauce” Ross and the crew at Edison and Triton Digital for sharing the info.