It was about a year ago when I was scrolling through Tumblr and stumbled upon a unique art style and aesthetic. The appreciation I gained in looking at photos of “dead malls,” is such a unique one. Dead Malls compliment the vaporwave style which PALM takes root in.

A Dead Mall is any major commercial retailer which has gone out of business but still stands in structure. Recently, I discovered a YouTube channel called Dead Mall Series from Dan Bell, dedicated to digging up information and the history about dead malls all across America.

One video covering a dead mall in Maryland featured music from an album called Deep Fantasy by S U R F I N G. There was something truly enchanting about this low-fi electronic sound. From the Patrick Nagel inspired cover, it has an 80s Retro-wave feel. The album is predominantly instrumental but does feature very low-fi vocals with lyrics that can’t really be understood. It serves as a perfect score to the outdated mall imagery.

There isn’t much information on Surfing, except that he, she, or they hail from Melbourne Australia and have one other project out on soundcloud called Hit the Spot EP.

Listen to Deep Fantasy from Surfing here:


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