roland_MartinThis fall TV One will launch a daily morning news show to be co-produced and hosted by former CNN contributor, Roland Martin, according to a report in Multichannel News. A specific launch date has yet to be set, but TV One officials said it would likely debut in mid-September before the Congressional Black Caucus’ Annual Legislative Conference. Titled News One Now, TV One will syndicate the program on Radio One stations nationally and simulcast the last hour of the three-hour radio program on its cable channel, according Alfred Liggins, chairman of TV One and CEO and president of Radio One.The program will air from 7 am – 10 am. “This is a further evolution of TV One’s commitment to better and more important television for African-Americans, and is also an extension of Radio One’s history and philosophy of making sure we inform, entertain and advocate for the African-American community,” Liggins said. “This is the first time a network has approached African-American news on this type of commitment level.” Liggins added TV One’s simulcast of News One Now could expand to two hours or even the full three-hour radiocast in the near future. Also, TV One’s Sunday morning public affairs show, Washington Watch, which Martin hosted, would be cancelled this fall.

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  1. Name *RafikiCov

    Wondered what happened to Mr. Martin… Hope things work out, he seemed to have his winged clipped on CNN. Not “perky” enough? Humm. You know “Perky” is in, at least in the flyover states. Good Luck Roland.