Suge Knight is currently in jail on murder charges. In February, the former rap mogul filed legal documents claiming that his solitary confinement violated his human rights. A judge had blocked Knight’s access to phone calls and visitors other than his attorneys. The Death Row Records co-founder has been in custody since January 2015, charged with murder in an alleged hit-and-run accident. The court’s rationale for restricting Knight’s jail privileges has been under seal. On Friday, Knight’s lawyer asked a judge to unseal orders dating as far back as March 2015, claiming his client’s treatment stems from “a massive scandal and cover-up” with possible links to a hit man and Dr. Dre. That’s according to a lengthy court filing reviewed by Pitchfork and first reported in the New York Daily News.

In the filing, attorney Thaddeus Culpepper contended that Knight’s jail restrictions are to stop him from “connecting” the 2015 murder charge to an August 2014 incident in which Knight was shot multiple times. The lawyer argued that the primary detective in Knight’s murder case also looked into the 2014 nightclub shooting. According to Culpepper’s motion, the detective told Knight that a man known as “Tee-Money” confessed to being one of Knight’s shooters. The detective also “informed Knight that the gunman stated that Dr. Dre paid him and a friend $50,000 to kill Knight,” Culpepper claimed. The filing further alleged that an off-duty sheriff’s deputy “was seen on video letting the gunmen in the front door” of the club and was later seen at the airport “helping the gunmen flee the country.” Police “inexplicably released Tee-Money,” Culpepper claimed.

Lawyers for Dr. Dre told TMZ the filing is “ridiculous.”

Knight could face life in prison if convicted in the murder case.