Tony QFormer QC Communications co-owner Tony Quartarone (aka “Tony Q”) announces the formation of his new Philadelphia based radio group Multimedia Communications, LLC and has the purchase of his first radio station in Jacksonville Florida, WJSJ-FM (105.3). Tony “Q” has been named President for the new radio group.

In a prepared statement Tony “Q” says” I am excited about my new group and I can’t wait to get started on what I do best, turning stations around.” Struggling record companies may have an ally in Tony Q as wants them to know they will again have a station to break new songs and artists.

In April 1, 2015 the station went dark and into bankruptcy receivership. In November 2015, WJSJ returned to the air with sports programming from CBS Sports Radio. Over the last several years the station experienced a constant variety of format changes and Quartarone is said to have hinted that another format change is in process.

Multimedia Communications also slated to consult record labels and other radio stations. *

Welcome back Tony Q!


*in the current climate, is this not some type of conflict of interest? Talk amongst yourselves! #IJS