300 Entertainment co-founder/CEO Lyor Cohen was hospitalized over the weekend after suffering a pulmonary embolism. Multiple news reports said it happened while he was attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
lyor_cohenCohen said on his SNAPCHAT account, “So it would take much more to kill me than a sub massive pulmonary embolism. If it wasn’t for my son, and my best friend Norm, I would have been a goner,” he continued. “There’s actually nothing I could do. Anybody could get it. It’s a little blood clot that goes right up the body into the lungs and heart.”
He continued “One thing I do know, the fact that I’m so in shape and worked out all these years, it helped me survive it. Had I waited, like I typically want to do, had it not been for [son] Az and Norm insisting … The doctor said if I’d waited another four hours, I would be toast.”