Miami emcee Pouya has taken P A L M by storm. From releasing his 2015 mixtape South Side Slugs, to collaborating and touring with $uicideBoy$ Pouya’s been one of the number one artists who I’ve told you to keep your eye out for. It’s no surprise that on his commercial debut, Pouya comes with 14 tracks of nothing but heat.

What some might say is that this time around, Pouya went for a less lyrical approach and a more sing-a-long type of feel. There’s a certain feel of grittiness when you listen to any of his music. With foul named tracks like “Like the Sweat Off My Nuts” you can already tell he’s going to be hardcore from start to finish. So if you get offended by dirty modern day rap lyrics, stop reading this review here.

On tracks like the opener “Great Influence” and “Prime” you can tell Pouya draws a lot of inspiration from 90s underground rap. From there we have “But Wait, There’s More” featuring $uicideBoy$. Anytime these guys get together for a song the outcome is pretty tight. The same chemistry is shown later on the record on the song “Fat Hoes” featuring Sdot Braddy, Germ, and $uicideBoy$. This track sort of serves as the posse cut for Underground Underdog. Prior to this, there is a much needed collab with PALM leaf Ramirez called “MFG.” This just so happens to be one of the hardest songs off the record. After that we have the previously released single “Hunnit Hunnit” with Fat Nick. There’s also the single “Energy” which may not be the best track, but fits well on this debut album. Another hard addition is “Scrubs” featuring fellow Buffet Boys member Shakewell.

It’s impossible to mention one of the final tracks on Underground Underdog, which is potentially a turn up banger. “Badonk” featuring Ying Yang Twins is perhaps the best song off this record. Why? Because it’s just funky.

All in all this was all I could ask for from Pouya. It’s an improvement from South Side Slugs and I hope he’s here to stay. Underground Underdog emerges at 5/5 PALMs.


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