Unleash your inner “Rock Star”. Check out Malina Moye’s new single, “K-Yotic” featuring Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer Bootsy Collins from her forthcoming album Rock ‘N Roll Baby. Malina’s been dubbed the “female Jimi Hendrix… one of the top 10 female guitarists to know” by Guitar World Magazine, and was the First African-American woman to play the National Anthem on a guitar at a professional sporting event. Malina Moye is also the first left-handed female player to be included on the legendary Fender Guitars’ impressive roster of endorsees (Ten Guitar Goddesses). Check out Malina’s “K-Yotic” featuring Bootsy Collins.

10 July  2011 - Weert (The Netherlands)(Netherlands)

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  1. George and Trina Beasley

    We saw her in Canton Ohio and online. Wife, a guitarist, thought she could use more guitar expertise, but I thought she was all right. She looks like she loves what she does. GB

  2. Kwe Elliott

    Saw Malina perform in Canton Ohio. She rocked the crowd and looked damn good doing it. Her guitar skills are amazing. Can’t wait for her to come back.