When he’s not busy rapping, Rick Ross is taking care of business as the owner of several Wingstop franchises. And now he’s partnered with the Wingstop Foundation to launch a new scholarship program.

The scholarships will benefit young scholars in urban areas, as well as Wingstop employees who are pursuing a higher education. In addition to individual scholarships, mentoring and educational groups will also receive grants to aid in keeping kids in school.

“To me, a company as huge as Wingstop, we’ve seen so much success doing what we’re doing, let’s take it to the next level,” Ross said. “Let’s make ourselves that much more a part of the community. We see the dropout rates. We know what’s going on. So what’s the biggest thing that we could do? Wingstop as a company came together and put together an urban scholarship that’s for the underprivileged, that’s educationally based. That’s me talking to my audience. We need to hear this, and we need to bring all these ideas and concepts to the table and start as soon as possible.”

The scholarship launches later on this year.