prince datesAccording to Billboard, the music industry bible, Prince’s death has made history in a way no other artist, dead or alive has done. The king of Purple Rain has set new standards on the charts as fans worldwide flocked to buy his music as news of his untimely death made global news .

For the first full sales week following Prince’s death on April 21, five of his albums were in Billboard’s top 10, at Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7. Only Beyoncé’s Lemonade kept him from the top. Billboard says no artist has had that many albums in the Top 10.

Prince had 19 discs in Billboard’s top 200, beating a record of 14 previously set by the Beatles. Billboard reported the top sellers were three hits collections, Purple Rain, and 1999. Prince sold 4.4 million albums and songs the week after his death, compared to 19,000 the week before.

Now put that in your wig and roll it Gene Simmons!!

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