Back before the whole P A L M switch, we had this concept going with the Indie Buzz called the Not So New list. It was about artists who had already attracted mass attention, however I had personally just discovered there music.

After watching Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records, a documentary on the L.A. based independent label Stones Throw, one artist featured in the film and on the label’s roster was Dam Funk. Prior to this I had only heard the name before and had no knowledge of who this guy was.

When I saw his clips in the movie then watching his video for “Hood Pass Intact” after, I instantly fell in love with his style. As a singer and producer, Dam-Funk blends the funk sound of Zapp and George Clinton era combined with a boom bap sound. Think G-Funk era, with a modern twist. The singing on top of the tracks just elevates everything to another level of dopeness.

Little did I know however that I was a Dam-Funk fan even before watching Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records. The song Crazy Taxi from Le$’ mixtape Dreamcast (which you can read the review for here), is actually produced by Dam-Funk. But that’s not all. He also produced the love ballad “Baby” by indie artist Ariel Pink.

Judging by character, Dam-Funk seems to be a really cool dude. It’s icing on the cake that he happens to be from right here in Pasadena! Expect a review for Dam-Funk’s next full length project right here!

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