After discovering Dam-Funk, the “play related artists” feature on soundcloud blessed me with another gem out of the 626. Crown City Entertainment is a Pasadena, CA based independent label specializing in modern funk, G-funk, and soul. The head of the label is producer, singer, and rapper XL Middleton.

I wasn’t around for the evolution of the classic funk sound of the 70s and 80s, so I didn’t get to witness the greatness of the late Roger Troutman. Luckily, XL Middleton provides a retro-wave experience with a modern twist to that era’s style. His whole vibe plays off the whole funkadellic vibe. See for yourself when you watch the video for “You Know It’s True”

There’s more to XL Middleton’s music catalog though. In addition to the several projects he has released under the same name, he has an album dedicated to the gangster rap sound of the 90s under the name Big China Mack. The craziest thing about it is the fact that it dropped in 2013.

It’s wonderful to discover local artists, especially ones with a sound that I’m already fond of. I wouldn’t mind catching an XL Middleton show sometime here in Pasadena. I’m proud to call myself a new fan, and would love the opportunity to meet dude in person.

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