Usher will be hitting the big screen once again. This time, the R&B icon is going all in as boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard. Nobody could have predicted that we would one day see Usher Raymond tackle a serious dramatic performance, but from the looks of it he seems like he could be a perfect fit for the role.

The film is called Hands of Stone and will have a star-studded cast which includes Robert De Niro, Edgar Ramirez, Ellen Barkin and John Turturro. De Niro will be playing legendary boxing trainer, Ray Arcel, while Edgar Ramirez will be playing Roberto Duran – the man going up against Sugar Ray (Usher).

The story will be centered around the relationship between trainer Ray Arcel and his boxer, Roberto Duran, and how they both changed each other’s lives forever. The fight that will be the focal point is the one between Sugar Ray and Duran. There is a lot of substance in this true story for Usher to sink his teeth into and it will be interesting to see how he pulls it off.

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