Two years ago Compton rapper YG dropped his debut album My Krazy Life, which was arguably the best hip-hop release of 2014. This year he’s back with the follow up Still Brazy. From staring in Blame it On the Streets, to rapping on many a hit record, YG’s talent is unquestionable.

Although Still Brazy may not be quite what it’s predecessor was, this is still going to rank among the better hip-hop releases in 2016. It doesn’t do as much to tell a story, however there are a healthy amount of hit level songs. My favorite would have to be “Why You Always Hatin” featuring Drake and Kamaiyah. I even dare to say I enjoyed Lil Wayne’s verse on “I Got a Question.”

The biggest surprise on Still Brazy is the political turn it takes. “FDT (F___ Donald Trump)” is a powerful anthem where YG and Nipsey Hussle vent their frustration against the Republican presidential nominee and business tycoon. The following track “Blacks & Browns” featuring Sad Boy details the experience of blacks and Latinos facing racism in America.

YG has a unique ability to make turn up party music and also songs with a lyrically conscious message. Even if you think My Krazy Life is better, it’s hard not to like Still Brazy. 4.5 P A L Ms!


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