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Hot 105 logo 2013 MIAAt the age of ten, Chicago native Rick Party was expelled for cutting class for most of the school year. Chicago’s gang violence was at such a high level, the budding broadcaster was actually fearful of going to school. He’d listen to the radio all day and each night he’d call in to the Earl Boston show on WJLB requesting Earl dedicate songs to his then girlfriend. The combination of truancy and Rick’s desire to emulate his local radio idol and get on the mic has blossomed into a mentorship and friendship with Earl that spans more than twenty five years. Rick’s passion for radio has taken him on a journey from secondary markets such as Macon (GA) and Wilmington (NC) to top rated major markets such as New York, Miami, Dallas and his hometown of Chicago.
Ever humble, he admits that his goal of building a successful morning show at WBLS was not only somewhat of a flop but a great learning experience that moved him into the realm of maturity. The task of having to move expeditiously to create a morning show was foreign territory to him. He claims to have learned a few very important things from that experience, namely, to develop patience, not be a “hot head” and most importantly, he had to learn to listen. (word to the new jacks). Rick utilizes his new found attributes with his new PD, WHQT’s Phil Michaels. He adds, “With Phil, we may not always agree with his methods, but I respect him enough for the great coach that he is and I execute. He respects my ideas, offers alternatives, and lets me step outside the lines a bit yet still follow formatics. We‘ve already had a championship season!”
One thing I clearly see is Rick’s deep commitment to community. Anyone who came up listening to the radio from the 50’s through the 90’s knows the importance of community as the cornerstone of Black radio. Rick says the opportunity to help folks and illicit change is prime factor that motivated him to get back on the mic. He adamantly states, “Community is important and Miami is my community. I see myself as that guy who will be here for the duration. I have roots here; it’s now home for me and my family. When you have something positive to say and do, that’s what matters. So many things need to be changed in Florida starting with the stand your ground law. I have to focus on the issues in my own backyard as many of the great radio legends before me always did. I realize that it’s not about me and I share that fact with all of the new folks coming up in radio. What it is about is what I can do to help my people. I see a void there and it’s one of my missions to see that my community is being fed, be it with information, positive influences or situations that uplift and empower them.”
Rick’s also passionate about healthy living. After being diagnosed with several health issues including hypertension and sleep apnea, he made a major lifestyle transformation. In three weeks he will become a certified fitness trainer and intends to use that knowledge bringing health and wellness programs to the community. He’s served as the Grand Marshall of the Greater Miami Sickle Cell March and works closely with the Urban League of Miami. John F. Kennedy said “to those whom much is given, much is expected” and I can all safely say we can expect great things and great change from the voice of Rick Party.


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