Roscoe's Chicken n WafflesRoscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles is a eatery institution in Southern California with six locations and growing. If you live in LA, you dine at ‘Scoe’s on the regular, and if you occasionally visit LA, ‘Scoe’s is on your list of places to go. But did you know that Roscoe’s offers more than world-famous, mouth-watering soul food?  Roscoe’s House is becoming an empire as they have expanded into the media production business.  So enjoy your chicken and waffles, then head over to Roscoe’s professional production facility where you can produce your own radio, video or internet show.

Roscoe’s Media Center (RMC) offers a state-of-the-art radio, video and internet media facility which includes audio commercial production, voice over services and ISDN connectivity.


Studio A is a fully equipped studio with live and pre-recorded broadcast capabilities that include the use of an ISDN line and Internet streaming as well as digital recording and editing services. Studio A is also equipped with on-air phone lines and accommodates up to 7 on-air guests.

studio B

Studio B is ideal for internet streaming. Our sound proof studio has live and pre-recorded broadcast capabilities and accommodates up to 4 on air guests. It is equipped web cams and a phone system.

Roscoe’s Media Center is located at 5047 W. Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. For more information click www.rmconair.com.

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