Tony Q HDS 2016Back in April we first reported that radio veteran Tony Quartarone (Tony Q“) had been named President & CEO of Multimedia Communications, LLC. At the time Multimedia was beginning the process of acquiring its first radio station — 105.3 WJSJ-FM, a CBS Sports affiliate owned by Nia Broadcasting, Inc., licensed to Fernandina Beach, FL and serving the greater Jacksonville, FL market. Shortly thereafter, things went further south and quickly got very quiet with all references to the acquisition literally disappearing from the landscape.

The resilient Tony Q has resurfaced and on July 1 he entered into a Time Brokerage Agreement with Nia Broadcasting, Inc. owner Neal Ardman. WJSJ has dropped CBS Sports and the streets are talking about what the station’s new direction might be. Word from the curb says WJSJ is now conducting an on-air survey asking listeners what they want the ultimate format to be. Station staffers are all in the family as Quartarone’s longtime business partner Manual Mena as his assistant along with Tony’s son, Mario Q and newcomer Brian Riley as Traffic Manager. Tony is also the voice of the station. For more information, call 904-923-8235.

Welcome back again Tony Q!