When I met Xavier Wulf, back in April he told me that he was feeling a rapper by the name of Max P. After discovering Max P’s work on soundcloud, I came to the realization that I was looking at yet another outstanding hardcore emcee from Los Angeles.

Max P’s has a voice and energy like no other. Classifying himself as a heavy metal artist, Max P can attack a trap beat with a screaming cadence. It’s Max P’s Grape Street Crip affiliation which classifies him as gangster rap. It’s enough to give YG a run for his money. ┬áIf you enjoy Tyler, the Creator as his ‘Young Nigga’ character, then look no further. I’ve been blasting “8 Ball” practically every day since I first heard it. His flow on “Underwear” featuring Xavier Wulf is one of the dopest I’ve heard in a minute. Max P has a project on the way and you can expect a post on it when it drops. Max P has three tracks featured on Palm of P A L M Vol. 3, which is available to stream now on soundcoud.

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