Hot 97This Thursday, July 14 at 4pm ET, Emmis New York stations WQHT (Hot 97), WBLS and WLIB-AM will break away from normal programming to simulcast a very special one-hour program — One Voice will discuss the current relationship between the African American community and the police. One Voice will focus on the recent deaths that have divided the nation and placed racism and police brutality back into the spotlight, with the hope being to provide perspective, voice to the intense emotions caused by these events, and identify potential actions, which will produce positive change.
WBLS logo lockedThe special will be anchored by Hot 97’s Ebro and Peter Rosenberg, Hot 97 & Fox 5 reporter Lisa Evers, WBLS personality Bob Slade from Open Line and WBLS & WLIB’s Bishop Hezekiah Walker & Ann Tripp, along with some special guests. “We’re hurting,” said Darden. “The listeners are hurting, the police are hurting. With every death over the past few years, the call for change becomes reignited, but the same cycle keeps going; we can’t let this continue. By coming together, letting the audience be heard, talking with government and police officials, we hope we can have honest conversation and begin the process of seeing real change. We may not have all of the answers to incite that change, but we’ve got to start asking the questions and having more open dialogue to get there.”
WLIBListeners are encouraged to ask questions, share their stories, or simply voice their frustrations by calling 800-223-9797 or using #OneVoice on social media platforms. The program will also be streamed at, and, and will continue online until 6pm ET.