Given that When the Lean Runs Out dropped on May 30th, this is a delayed review. Nevertheless, Fat Nick’s debut album is quite possibly one of the best hip-hop releases thus far this year.

It seems as though Seshollowaterboyz, Buffet Boys, G*59 Records, and Schemaposse are dominating underground rap today. Obviously members from all of these collectives collaborate frequently and make guest appearances. Some of the biggest names from these crews come along for the ride here like Chris Travis, Lil Peep, Mikey the Magician, Shakewell, $uicideboy$. Fat Nick being a part of Buffet Boys, does a very spectacular job of bringing everyone together on When the Lean Runs Out.

At 15 songs, the album simply hits the spot. “Bicky Robby” featuring Mikey the Magician is one of the best tracks because of it’s cruising feel and strong hook. Pulled Off featuring Chris Travis has a hard in your face beat similar to “Fat Camp” featuring Pouya from Fat Nick’s previous project of the same name. Fat Nick uses auto-tune to emulate Future’s sound on “Drip.” The following song “P.S F*** You C*nt” featuring Lil Peep shows a lot of emotion on drug abuse, yet is one of the best songs on the project. “Keep it On Me” has a great turn up feel to it too. Finally “Ttyl” (Remix) featuring Pouya, $uicideboy$, Sir Michael Rocks, and Robb Bank$ is the posse cut which every emcee comes with the right amount of heat.

The combination of hard trap rapping and auto-tune singing is blended well all throughout When the Lean Runs Out. Fat Nick proves he can hang with some of the biggest names in rap today. Although the lyrics may get repetative from time to time, it’s expected of a young emcee gaining momentum. For that When the Lean Runs Out pours up at 4.5/5 PALMs!

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