ChadMinister, songwriter, composer and music producer Chad Brown, is no stranger to survival. A 9th Ward New Orleans native, he grew up in a city with the highest murder rate of any US city, then survived Hurricane Katrina, which hit one week before he began his ministry and lost everything in the disaster. A father of six, with five sons, one of his biggest concerns is making sure his children and other young black men survive what seems to be an epidemic of police shootings in the streets across the country.

“As a minister and a man of God, it is my calling to help others spiritually, to encourage others to use the word of God to help enrich, uplift, change and save lives. After seeing a rapid succession of news stories,  videos and protests about the brutal and senseless killings of my brothers and sisters in the streets, I felt the collective loss and despair. Music has always been an outlet and source of joy for me, since I was 5 years old, singing in the church with my father. I went to my studio and “Don’t Shoot Me” came out of my spirit in 20 minutes. I knew it came from God as the music and the lyric just poured out of me into song.  I shared this with some of my close friends and family and everyone told me I had to share this to help build awareness and to help save lives.” said Brown.

Chad Brown is a “New School preacher with an Old School twist” and has built a strong following with his innovative style and accessibility to Gods word appealing to a modern, tech savvy generation of followers who can worship not only on Sunday, but Monday evenings through his Miracle Monday Ministries online and listen in by phone, as well as other days of the week during his sessions on Facebook Live.

Brown explains, “I debuted “Don’t Shoot Me” on Facebook to my followers during one of my regularly scheduled programs and the response was incredible. I had over 15,000 views, and 1,300 shares in a matter of minutes, and several hundred people asking to buy this song. So I put it up on Amazon, Google Play and ITunes and I am donating a portion of the proceeds to charity to help victims and their families and to help stop the overwhelming loss of life that is affecting so many families and communities.”

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ABOUT: Chad Brown Ministries (CBM) is an innovative multi-media and multi-platform ministry, publishing company, record label, Miracle Mondays Church by Phone and S.H.I.F.T Enterprise, a Life Coaching company whose mission is to motivate teens and adults to follow their dreams, overcome challenges, improve their life and achieve their goals. His ministry has been featured on The Word Network several times and has reached millions.
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