bruce_sudano_2003_10_14Allow me to share some information about Bruce Sudano. In case you don’t know, here’s just a few of his accomplishments. Bruce was married to Donna Summer for 30 + years – – he co-wrote her huge hit “Bad Girls”. He’s got some incredibly talented daughters – -Amanda Sudano is in the Rock band, Johnny Swim and daughter Brooklyn is an acclaimed actress with a number of credits to her name. His grand-daughter, Vienna is the first artist to sign to Reverb Nation’s new label, CONNECT.

Sudano first entered the charts in the 1970’s as a founding member of both Alive N Kickin’ (“Tighter, Tighter”) and Brooklyn Dreams (“Heaven Knows”). Over the years he has co-written numerous songs for other artists, including “Starting Over Again”(charting #1 for Dolly Parton and #3 for Reba McEntire), “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming” for Jermaine and Michael Jackson, and songs for his late wife and long-time musical partner, the iconic Donna Summer.

Bruce has played with a number of musicians and bands over the years and he continues to write, constantly incorporating new material into his live set.

brucesudano-burbankThis led to the recording of “The Burbank Sessions” at Lokisound, in Burbank, California. Sudano set out to capture the feel of a nightclub performance, recording each song live in one or two takes. “I wanted it to have an immediacy… with each song a unique singular performance… borders but no boundaries.”

Singer, songwriter Bruce Sudano has a storied history in the world of music… a journey that continues to unfold with “The Burbank Sessions”.


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Bruce is currently doing dates with The Zombies kicking off at the end of August. His latest song is called, “Common Sense”—it’s quite timely given today’s political climate!
“Common Sense”

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