Eddie Levert says :Donald you tried it!

Eddie Levert says :Donald you tried it!

The ’70s classic “For the Love of Money” and “Love Train” should no longer be associated with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.. if The O’Jays get their way.

Many recall hearing “For The Love of Money” as the theme song the ‘Apprentice’ for several years and may have seen the O’Jays perform the song on the show. If you watched the RNC Convention last week, you may have heard Trump use the classic “Love Train” with a lyrics change to ‘Trump Train.” That may have been the first and last time any of this occurs since the O’Jays sent a cease and desist letter to Trump and Florida Rep. John Mica. The group is particularly upset about a video posted by the congressman praising Donald’s involvement in a D.C. real estate deal. The 2014 clip features ‘Love of Money.’ We’ve all watched enough TV law and judge shows to know a formal lawsuit usually follows a cease and desist order. That legal showdown would be more entertaining than a Beverly Hillbillies beatdown!

“O G” O’Jays members Eddie Levert and Walter Williams are far from pleased and think the video sends mixed messages because they don’t endorse Trump, his agenda or GOP views, nor do they feel Trump embodies the message the group has established over their fifty plus year career.

The reality of this issue is that the O’Jays didn’t write the song, so legally they don’t have much legal recourse. They are, however, more concerned the use of the song compromises their brand and implies they’re down with Trump which simply is not the case. Another issue is that Trump used and altered two of the groups biggest classic hits as without permission from the songwriters (Gamble & Huff) or publishers.

For a “tell us how you really feel” perspective, check out Eddie Levert’s TMZ Live video.