The place that is most intimately associated with late pop genius Prince may be on the bidding block. Paisley Park studio is valued at more than $7 million dollars.

The New York Daily News reports that the the 60,000-square-foot Minnesota estate where the singer was found dead of a drug overdose in April is ready to be sold by his bank, along with his other properties, including a home in Beverly Hills and a Turks and Caicos property simply known as “Turtle Trails.” In total all the properties are worth more than $21 million.

Trust officer Alison Hauck of the singer’s bank, Bremer Bank, said property sales would generate much-needed cash to pay estimated estate and income tax liabilities, and ongoing estate administration bills.

“Carrying these properties is not in the estate’s best interest,” her affidavit said, saying that the upkeep would be too costly.

Word of the sale came to light after Bremer Trust filed court documents asking for several of the musician’s properties be listed for sale, the report notes.