venture-fund-kobe-bryantKobe Bryant has been quietly building a $100 million venture capital fund for the past three years, and on Monday, he announced that investing was truly one of his passions.
Bryant co-founded the capital fund in 2013 with Jeff Stibel, who currently serves as the vice chairman of Dun & Bradstreet. As for the reason for the wait, Stibel said that they wanted to be taken seriously.
“We wanted our body of work, and the entrepreneurs and companies, to stand for themselves,” Stibel told CNNMoney. “We wanted to prove that this was something that had substance and depth.”
Now, Bryant is ready to make his mark in the world of investing, and he said that he hopes to be known for his money sense rather than just his basketball legacy.
“Playing basketball, the focus is always on winning — winning championships, winning championships, winning championships,” Bryant said. “Now, championships come and go… But if you really want to create something that lasts generations, you have to help inspire the next generation… That’s when you create something forever. And that’s what’s most beautiful.”
Bryant Stibel is focusing on investing in technology, media and data companies, especially those with sports and wellness focuses.