Atlanta trio Larry League is a fresh addition to the ever growing scene. I first heard about them from when they  recently played a HAM on Everything show. Being that I didn’t get a chance to attend, I took it upon myself to check out some of their videos. The combination of energy mixed with raw punchlines instantly made me an instant fan.

What really sold me on Larry League was the turnt up video for “Dirty Dingy.” It really reminded me of a southern take on some of the 2011-12 era college rap videos from artists like Aer and Nick Luebke. Their mixtape 3200 is fire from start to finish.

Besides Randy, Sensei, and Larry being advanced lyricists, their artwork displays a nice vaporwave aesthetic that serves as a great match to the music. From here on out I’ll be sure to check whatever project these guys release.



Instagram: PrettyAwesomeLitMusic

Twitter: @dylanisPALM