GLADYS AND SHANGAIn the 80’s Gladys Knight sang “I will fight” and now, the fight may be with her son, Shanga. The Grammy® winner and R&B legend wants her name back among other things!! Word from the curb says Ms. Knight has filed a lawsuit against her son in Atlanta’s federal court claiming her reputation has apparently suffered immensly from her association with her son’s restaurant that bears her name. Gladys wants nothing to do with the controversy or her son’s shady boots business and now seeks to completely remove her name and image from the restaurant, along with all of her memorabilia.


Knight’s son Shanga Hankerson, was arrested and is facing charges for tax evasion and money laundering a million dollars (that the authorities know of).

GLADYS CHICK LOGOEarlier this year Atlanta’s Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles dramatically failed another health inspection and a few months later, the popular eatery was raided and shut down by the Georgia Department of Revenue. The restaurant currently operates under receivership.

Gladys gave the green light to use her name and likeness some seventeen years ago but she put the kibosh that a few months ago after all of the drama ensued. Gladys Knight reportedly isn’t holding back on the disappoint she feels about her son’s failed shady boots business acumen and now she’s suing him in order to protect her musical legacy!