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Houston’s rising star, Coline Creuzot is making her mark in the music industry delivering R&B with heartfelt lyrics and a nostalgic blend of 90’s Hip-Hop/Soul and Pop. She built her name and reputation writing and performing and has toured with and opened for such stars as Drake, T-Pain, David Banner, T.I. and Keyshia Cole.

Today, Coline is working on her new EP “Timeless”.  The EP features the lead single, “Truth Is” written by Coline and features production from longtime collaborators Happy Perez and Troy ‘Radio’ Johnson. Coline shot the video for “Truth Is’ In Los Angeles, under the direction of Creative Director Kim Burse.

Coline Creuzot - Truth Is - SingleSo how did “Truth Is” come together? “I went into the studio to work on a song to submit for another artist, when I got done had some time left, I pulled up some tracks the producer, Happy Perez, sent me, and someone had recently made me mad, I went in and free styled the song, when the beat came on, the words and melody just came out,” says Coline. “I didn’t play the song for anyone for months; it was like a therapy song for me. When I finally played it, my team was like, ‘what is wrong with you!?’ You’ve been sitting on this song the whole time!? So we decided to release ‘Truth Is” as the 1st single off my upcoming EP, ‘Timeless’”

Truth Is

Coline Creuzot4What do people need to know about you? “I’m a singer, songwriter and artist born and raised in Houston,” says Coline. “Music has been my passion from a very early age. I love to write and sing because I feel that music connects and heals people. My goal is to make music that is relate-able and timeless, music that makes people feel good. I aim to empower women and use my personal experiences as a way to help others. I know music has helped me through a lot of stages and phases in my life. If I can help or touch one person with my music, I feel I’ve done my job. I am inspired by many artists and also by life. I am excited to release my upcoming EP “Timeless” and to hit the road performing soon!”

“My new EP is 100% ME!,” adds Coline. “We [myself, co-writers and producers] really dug deep to make sure we captured the essence of who I really am as an artist. All of the songs were created in the vision we laid out for the EP. The music, writing and production are organic and fresh but has a very nostalgic feel. We went in and created the music that made us fall in love with music… R&B with a real 90’s feel!”

“I just want to make timeless music,” explains Coline.  “Music that can stand the test of time; I strive to heal and connect people with my music– help them get through things good or bad.  Music is a universal language and I want people to feel that when they listen to my music. I want them to be moved.”

Coline Creuzot “Truth Is”

Coline Creuzot - Truth Is - Single

Coline Creuzot “Truth Is”

Truth Is

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“Truth Is” Video

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Coline will be opening for Monica in Houston, TX September 17th 2016 for the Houston Black Heritage Festival at Discovery Green.

Coline’s career is being guided by industry icon TC Thompkins of Thompkins Marketing. Contact TC at [email protected]