As the radio and music industry landscape changes and everyone is on a mission to work smarter, keep track of their coins and maximize them, it’s unfortunate when we here at The Urban Buzz receive information about industry scammers, who for lack of a better term, rip-off indie artists and labels. The folks we’ve heard from are, as Jack the Rapper said, hot as fish grease!! Warning!! Don’t you become one of them!!

D House HS C

If you see this person, hold on tight to your money and RUN!!.. then call The Urban Buzz for a legitimate, professional referral.

A number of folks have had issues with this dude including associates of The Urban Buzz. It’s never a happy day when we have to put a brother on blast but he did it to himself… he made a commitment and was paid to get a job done. Not only did he fail the task, he took the money and ran… now he’s gone dark, off the grid, no communication. Ok cool, you don’t wanna talk… watch your back partner, somebody may wanna talk to you!