sean-combsForbes released its annual list of the top 20 earning stars in hip-hop. Rap moguls Jay Z, 45, and Diddy, 46, landed on top. But The Life Of Pablo hit maker Kanye West, 39, isn’t exactly keeping up with his cash-drenched colleagues.

And in a case of the rich getting richer, Dr Dre – who made $620 million in 2014 after Apple purchased his Beats By Dre headphones company, marking the only year Diddy did not rule the financial roost and finished third.

The Still D.R.E. rapper pocketed a cool $41 million over the past year, fueled by ongoing profits from his remaining stake in the high-end headphones company, in addition to profits from the wildly-successful film, Straight Outta Compton.

Rounding out the top ten were Drake with $38.5 million; Wiz Khalifa at $24 million; Nicki Minaj, the only female to make the list, with $20.5 million; Pitbull with $20 million, Pharrell Williams with $19.5 million, Kendrick Lamar at $18.5 million and Birdman with $18 million.

Diddy made $62 million and Jay-Z clocked $53.5. million in 2016.

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